Monday, March 21, 2016

If you were to give Jesus your most prized possession to symbolize your love for Him, what would it be? - Daily Reflections March 21,2016

J.R. Miller, in his article “The Fragrance of the Ointment,” says that the fragrance of Mary of Bethany’s ointment that filled the house is a beautiful symbol of Mary’s life. “She was not an active follower of Christ, except in her own home and in her own quiet daily life. She did not leave all and go with Him, as some other women did. Her name is not connected, even in tradition, with anything startling or great... The first glimpse we have of her, we see her sitting at the Master’s feet as a learner. Into her heart she received the words of the Master, and these words were life to her. Like a handful of spices they fell into her heart and transformed her life into radiant beauty.”
     Mary’s anointing of Jesus that truly touched His heart was not a onetime act. She has been living a life that is truly pleasing in the eyes of Jesus, her Master, and so as a final tribute to Jesus, just before He faces the culmination of His mission, she anoints Him.
       In December 10, 1905, a story written by O. Henry (William Sydney orter) was published in the The New York Sunday World entitled “Gifts of the Magi.” The story is so moving that it has been adapted into different media, never failing to touch so many hearts through the years. It is about a poor married couple who wanted to give each other some precious gifts, but with meager resources, just couldn’t afford it. The man sold his watch — his only prized possession — and got his wife a comb for her beautiful hair. But his wife sold her hair so that she can get him a fob chain for his watch. Left with gifts that neither of them can use, they realized their deep love is the greatest gift that they have actually given to each other.
     Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet with expensive fragrant ointment implies  ow lavish her love for Jesus is. It may very well be her only precious possession, yet she did not think twice in “wasting” it on the One she loves. Hence, she offered Him a precious gift — her prized possession whose cost she did not bother to calculate — and her very life. Fr. Sandy V. Enhaynes
REFLECTION QUESTION: If you were to give Jesus your most prized possession to symbolize your love for Him, what would it be?
Lord Jesus, I love You. Help me to make my life a perfect offering for You. Amen.

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