Thursday, January 14, 2016

Are you in need of healing? Go to God’s instruments of healing and pray in faith that you will be healed - Daily Reflections January 14,2016

Jesus cures a leper who asked if He was willing to do it. It was a bold and desperate move by the leper. Jesus responded positively. How can He refuse such faith? It is interesting that He told the leper to be mum about it except to the priests in the temple.
       Much of what Jesus required were Jewish customs. The instruction to keep quiet was more because He did not want to be known only as a miracle worker. There were others who also healed during those times. Even today, an act like that would immediately draw attention and following. People hunger for miracles. Jesus was afraid He would be lined up with other  miracle workers then. In the process, it would be more difficult to convince them that He is the Messiah. They will seek and follow Him because of the miracles and not the Good News.
       Leprosy was an incurable disease then. It was sin-related. Lepers were not allowed to mix with the community. They were thrown outside the village and they all lived together. They were considered living dead. Thus, the desperate move by the leper on Jesus. The leper had nothing to lose. His faith and courage earned him his healing, both spiritually and physically. The visit to the priest and the offering of his healing were acts of gratitude to God and a message to the priests. Unfortunately, the priests denied the sign.
       The healing continues today. Jesus’ healing power is present in every Christian in varying degrees. All who are sick today — spiritually and physically — may seek healing in Jesus’ name. Priests are designated healers in a special way because of the order of the priesthood. The sacrament of the anointing of the sick is an avenue of the healing power of God. Priests, nuns and lay healers emerge now and then. God uses them to effect total healing. But never forget that it is God who heals. Fr. Benny Tuazon
REFLECTION QUESTION: Are you in need of healing? Go to God’s instruments of healing and pray in faith that you will be healed.
Heal me, Lord, and make me whole so I can serve You more. Amen.

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