Thursday, October 29, 2015

What is your attitude to life in the world and to a life lived for the sake of the Kingdom of God? - Daily Reflections October 29,2015

Paul knows how to string a few words together such that they create their own momentum. Chapter 8 of his Letter to the Romans is a fine example of this. At the end of the chapter, we have this wonderful litany of the power of faith when we surrender to it. The more I read this text, the more I get caught up in the excitement and experience of Paul as he lives his Christian conversion. And this shines through in his writings and gives it added effectiveness.
       St. Paul clearly knows what it means to have his life changed by an encounter with Jesus. The great thing about this is that he will make sure that everyone knows about it. It is Paul’s commitment to being faithful to share the Gospel that impels Peter and the other disciples to go into mission with the Gentiles. Without this impetus, Christianity may have remained a small enclave within the Jewish religion. In reality it has become the largest religion — by number — in the world.
       Paul really does not care what happens to him as he knows for sure that any time spent here is nothing compared to the time that will be spent with God (or without Him) in eternity. It is this perspective that we need to gain as it will motivate us to live out the fullness of the gift of grace from God. He will not be content until he has said yes to the transforming power of God’s grace.
       Let us never stop reaching out to God until we are sure that we have received the fullness of grace that He offers to His people. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: What is your attitude to life in the world and to a life lived for the sake of the Kingdom of God? What do you struggle most in following God’s will?
Holy Spirit, awaken in me the truth of the Gospel. Awaken in my heart, through my life experiences, the truth of Your love for me.

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