Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do you wait for things to happen in your life? - Daily Reflections September 10,2015

One of the greatest dangers we face is to fail to take responsibility for the choices and opportunities we make. Many people go through life blaming others for their problems, never asking themselves what they are going to do to change their circumstances. Life passes them by because they never embrace it and throw themselves into it. They are not interested in making something of life; they want it delivered to them on a platter.
       In today’s reading, Paul encourages us to make choices — to choose to put on love in relating with one another, to choose to take control of our lives (under the guidance of God’s grace, of course), and to live it reflecting the values and truths we believe in passionately. This is what life is all about — making the most of our situations and not waiting for the perfect opportunity before we make a move.
       Jesus encountered all sorts of adversity in His life. The saints dealt with struggles and trials but did they let the difficulties define who they were? No. By the grace of God, they rose above their difficulties and embraced the possibilities that are always out there waiting to be grasped.
       Paul lists a number of qualities for our relational lives: compassion, meekness, patience, and so on. It requires work as well as choices to make life happen. If we want to experience the fullness of life that God offers us, we have to work hard at it. Then we will see the grace of God at work in our lives. It is this experience that adds so much to our lives and strengthens us to persevere through our difficulties. It all boils down to the choices we make. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Do you wait for things to happen in your life? Do you have a dream and pursue it relentlessly, making the most of life no matter what happens to you?
Jesus, thank You for Your grace at work in my life. Help me to embrace it fully, such that in everything I do, I will be able to draw from the storehouse of Your love and mercy.

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