Friday, September 18, 2015

Are you trying to discern God’s will for your life or are you more interested in doing your own will? - Daily Reflections September 18,2015

The Gospel presents Jesus as a tireless campaigner for the Kingdom of God. Jesus knows that He has a limited amount of time for His ministry and He wants to proclaim the Good News to as many people as possible. The saints, too, have this type of sentiment. They realize that they will have limited opportunities to preach the Gospel. I wonder how we feel about this task? How committed are we to proclaim the Good News in our own ways?
       Therese of Lisieux once spoke of her desire to spend her heaven doing good works on earth. This is the attitude that makes a saint. In all of the saints, there is a selflessness when it comes to pursuing their own dreams. This is perfectly correct, as the will of God and not our own should be paramount in our lives. Jesus expresses this truth most poignantly when He anguishes over His future in the Garden of Gethsemane. However, His eventual decision is to do His Father’s will.
       It takes a courageous person to surrender his own will to that of another, more so if that “other” is God. However, this is the nature of the Gospel call — to place our lives in the hands of God and at the service of His Kingdom.
       The early disciples of Jesus indicate to us what discipleship is. Some are called to preach the Gospel; others to provide for those who do this work. There are different ways in which we take part in the mission of the Church, each essential in its own right. Let us never belittle our contribution to the work of the Gospel as long as we do our best to discern and follow what God wants us to do. God does not ask any more than this from us. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTION: Are you trying to discern God’s will for your life or are you more interested in doing your own will?
Holy Spirit, speak strongly to the hearts and minds of young people today. Call them to the priesthood and religious life if it is God’s will for them. Grant them the grace to follow Your call.

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