Sunday, August 2, 2015

Is Christ as important to you as your daily food? - Daily Reflections August 2, 2015

Whenever I visit my home country, Germany, I always look forward to eating the many kinds of bread we have there. White bread, grey bread, black bread, and many other kinds of bread are offered for breakfast, snacks, and often even for supper. What’s rice in the Philippines is bread in Western cultures. A day without bread is not perfect. Bread or rice — it’s something that nourishes us day after day without getting tired of.
       In the 12 verses of today’s Gospel, the word “bread” appears seven times. First, it refers to the bread Jesus had multiplied the previous day. Then the word refers to the manna, the bread that the Israelites ate during the years of their journey through the wilderness. The climax comes when Jesus proclaims that He is the “real bread from heaven” — the Bread that nourishes not the body but the soul, the Bread that gives eternal life.
       Eating is an integral part of life. We would die if we do not eat. But not all food is good. There is healthy and unhealthy food. Vegetables and fruits are healthy; junk food — tasty as it is — causes high cholesterol and even obesity.
       Jesus’ teaching about bread makes us reflect on what we crave for and what our daily spiritual nourishment is. Is it healthy or unhealthy? As much as we appreciate modern technology, too much time spent in front of the TV or surfing the Internet is not only physically harmful (for the eyes and for the lack of exercise because of sitting for too many hours), but it can also be unhealthy depending on the programs or websites one spends much time on.
       When Jesus speaks about Himself as Bread of life, of eternal life, we become aware of our need for this kind of nourishment. No TV program or website leads to eternal life — only Jesus does.
       Let us ask ourselves today: “Is Jesus my bread of life?” Do I crave for Him? Does He support my life as rice or bread does? Am I nourished daily by reading the Bible, by spending time with Him in prayer? Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD
REFLECTION QUESTION: Is Christ as important to you as your daily food?
Lord, thank You for reminding me today how important You are for my spiritual life. Remind me again and again when I do not spend enough time with You. Do not allow me to miss the nourishment that will lead me to eternal life.

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