Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do you spend time communing with God every day? - Daily Reflections January 21,2016

Jesus’ popularity had increased and it became hard for Him to move around freely. The news of His preachings had spread all over the cities and a large crowd sought Him. He asked His disciples to secure a small boat to be away from the crowd for a while. In the end, He gave strict orders to those who had been healed not to tell others about Him.
       Jesus was afraid that people sought Him other than the purpose for which He had come, which was to proclaim the Good News of salvation and not just to heal and perform miracles. While He was compassionate to those who were sick, He was more concerned about the spiritual healing of everyone.
       It is interesting that Jesus decided to withdraw awhile from the crowd. He was not tired, irritated or had enough. Jesus always allotted time for Himself and the Father. In other words, Jesus prayed a lot. Prayer is the mark of a leader. It is the mark of a Christian.
     Particularly, that private moment of Jesus with His Father is about seeking inspiration, asking for continued guidance,commitment to obedience, and knowing God’s will. The intimacy and bond with His Father are present throughout Jesus’ life and ministry. Human as He was and subjected to a lot of temptation, He weathered everything not on His own strength but with the Father.
       We can learn from Jesus. We, too, should constantly be in touch with the Father. Our life’s direction should be in accordance with the Father’s will. We cannot but depend on Him. What we have should always be complemented by the Father’s grace.
    Jesus was able to fulfill His mission because of His constant communication with the Father. We are expected to do no less. Fr. Benny Tuazon
REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you spend time communing with God every day? If not, try doing so daily and see how your life will change through the grace of the Holy Spirit.
Dearest God, make me more faithful in spending time with You each day. Amen.

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