Sunday, August 9, 2015

Do you usually judge a person by appearance only and overlook Christ, for example, in a beggar? - Daily Reflections August 9,2015

Among British authors, I love to read novels by 19th century author Thomas Hardy, an Englishman I came to admire after watching the movie Lawrence of Arabia. It is about the legendary Colonel T. E. Lawrence of the Royal Air Force. How surprised I was when I read that these two favorites of mine knew each other quite well. One day, Lawrence in his common uniform visited Hardy. The proud and snobbish Mayoress of Dorchester was also there for tea. Seeing his simple uniform, she complained in French to Mrs. Hardy and said that never in her whole life was she forced to have tea with a common soldier. There was silence for a while, but then Lawrence answered in perfect French, “I beg your pardon, Madame, but can I be of any use as an interpreter? Mrs. Hardy knows no French.”
       The Mayoress blushed and fell silent. She had made a terrible mistake because she had judged only his appearance.
       The Jews made the same mistake in today’s Gospel. They only knew that Jesus grew up in Nazareth as the Son of Mary and Joseph. They did not even know that Joseph was “only” His foster father.
       Fortunately we know better, by the grace of God. Revelation has made us aware that Jesus is not just a simple Galilean craftsman but the Son of God who redeemed us through His painful death on the cross.
       But there are still many of our countrymen who ignore the revelation and don’t believe in the divinity of Christ. When they one day appear before the Divine Judge, they will feel as embarrassed as the Mayoress of Dorchester.
       Judging by appearances can bring us into embarrassing situations. It makes us aware that, in meeting a person, we should always look beyond the externals and encounter him or her as a beloved child of God, as a brother and sister. Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD
REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you usually judge a person by appearance only and overlook Christ, for example, in a beggar?
Lord, how often have I missed You in a person because I did not look beyond a poor appearance. Forgive me, Lord, and thank You for making me aware of an important truth.

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