Friday, April 3, 2015

What does Good Friday mean to you personally? - Daily Reflections April 3,2015

This passage reminds us of the contrasting story — that of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. One was a princess; the other was a nun. The former, in her dying moments, said, “Go away!” to paparazzi who wanted to get a scoop; the other expired with nothing but the name of Jesus on her lips.
       The first smacks of some form of darkness; the latter points to what Isaiah referred to as “light in fullness of days.” Death, to whomever and whenever it happens, is dreadfully dark, whether you are a prince, princess or a monk, especially if one has chosen to follow those who “prefer the darkness to the light.”
       Today, three men die on a hillside. Two thieves hung beside Jesus whose death, though surrounded by darkness, brought “light in fullness of days.” One of the thieves “stole” heaven, too, with a well-timed and repentant prayer. But the Lord died sinless, so that sinful humanity might also profit from the forgiveness and salvation that He brought.
       Our faith says Good Friday is indeed good despite the darkness. Notwithstanding the long readings, Good Friday remains what it is meant to be — part of a seamless garment of a memorial that brought us from the joy of the Lord’s Supper, to a memorial of His physical self-giving, towards the exaltant rejoicing of His resurrection from the dead.
       Good Friday is solemn, not sullen. It is about darkness that soon is revealed as light. It is about God’s quiet victory, after allowing His Son to suffer the shame of and seeming defeat on the cross.
       Again, I say that I am proud to What does Good Friday mean to you personally?
For dying on the cross for us, dear Jesus, we are forever grateful. Your suffering became the instrument for our salvation.

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