Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How do you value someone’s trust? - Daily Reflections October 19, 2016

Whenever the President of the Republic of the Philippines delivers his State of the Nation Address, the administration’s major accomplishments are aired, piece by piece. Plans and promises for the Filipino people were viewed with either anticipation or cynicism.
       Philippine politics allows us to see a mixture of new and familiar faces. New faces represent hope while familiar ones represent the possibility that they will improve their performance in serving their constituents than in the previous term.
       Elected officials are stewards. Their constituents voted for them because the former found them worthy of their trust. However, while some deliver what is expected of them, many do not. There will always be some who would abuse the people’s trust. Abuse starts with being lazy towards a responsibility. From being lazy to being tardy to being depraved, such negligent behavior unnoticeably worsens. The difficult part is when one hits rock bottom but is unable to recognize the fact. When caught red-handed, one readily pleads ignorance as if it erases all wrongs.
       God wants us to live our lives to the fullest. Whatever choice we make, we should be accountable for its consequences, mindful that the Son of Man will come at an hour we least expect.
        Whether in government or private institution, whether at home or with friends, whatever we’re doing, why not do things the right way so that we may have peace of mind and a healthy soul? Fr. Sonny Cotiamco
REFLECTION QUESTION: How do you value someone’s trust?
May I be Your trustworthy servant at all times, Lord. Amen.

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