Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Do you aspire for sanctity? Do you aspire for heroism? When was the last time you did a noble thing in anonymity? How did it make you feel? - Daily Reflections September 28, 2016

Memorial of St. Wenceslaus
and St. Lawrence Ruiz and Companions
If you drive along EDSA in Metro Manila, I’m sure you notice the humongous billboards that assault our senses on a daily basis. I’m sure you notice, too, that almost all of these billboards bear the faces of famous personalities that also assault our senses daily through TV, movies and print.
      One time as I was driving, I was intrigued by this billboard that showed a very unfamiliar face adorned with a very familiar pair of eyeglasses. The ad showed an anonymous face wearing the famous Ninoy Aquino eyeglasses. At the bottom of the ad it says, “I am Ninoy.” The message is clear. Heroism is a call for everyone. Heroism is a call for every Juan (dela Cruz). It means every anonymous citizen can make a difference. Every anonymous common man or woman is called to make a difference. I smiled when I saw that ad. It was a refreshing change in the midst of our celebrity-worshiping culture.
       I have nothing against the entertainment business, but frankly we don’t really need celebrities. Well, at least no more. We already have an oversupply of them — good-looking celebrities who waste our TV viewing time with  their utter lack of talent and their endless tragic affairs of the heart. What we need are heroes. And heroes are not celebrities. In fact, heroes do not want to be celebrities. Their celebrity status is only a by-product of their noble pursuits. If Ninoy is now a “celebrity,” it is only because he was first and foremost a hero.
       Today, we celebrate the feast of the first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz and his companion martyrs. He was a virtual unknown until his blood nourished the Christian faith in Japan where he was martyred. He was a common man, an anonymous man who became a hero. In San Lorenzo, the theme of the 2014 Year of the Laity is personified: “Called to Be Saints, Called to Be Heroes.” He did not want to be a celebrity. He was not a celebrity. But he made a difference. We do need another hero, not another celebrity. Fr. Joel Jason
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Do you aspire for sanctity? Do you aspire for heroism? When was the last time you did a noble thing in anonymity? How did it make you feel?
Lord Jesus, I dedicate myself today to be “light of the world and salt of the earth.” Help me discover the many little ways I can live up to Your challenge. Amen.

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