Friday, June 17, 2016

How has Pope Francis’s visit last year affected your day-today life today? - Daily Reflections June 17,2016

Jesus used body parts as metaphors in our Gospel passage today. He talks about the heart in the first part of the reading regarding our treasure in life, and also about the eye in the second part as the indicator of our spiritual health.
       Our beloved Pope Francis is a concrete illustration for this. His gentle, smiling face exudes a gospel of joy; his serene countenance is infectious and contagious, and that’s not only for digicams and iPhones, FB posts and Twitter feeds! More than his smiles, glances and facial gestures, his protocol-breaking deeds and actions speak volumes full of gospel values and virtues. Recall those headline-hugging moves of his, like the raffling off of his possessions (the proceeds of which were given to the poor), his choice of vehicles to ride on during his papal travels, and his explicit requests and instructions for simplicity and frugality during his visit to the Philippines last year.
       Jesus’ teaching, after all, is meant to be lived and put into practice; it can’t just be left on desks and shelves to gather dust. Because if it were so, the dust would cause colds and allergies of apathy and indifference. Instead, virtuous deeds of simplicity and joy are healthy viruses, needed for spreading good cheer, peace and tranquility. The urgency for this is even more felt in a dark world of violence, treachery and hatred.
      We have Pope Francis leading the way through his example. It’s already been more than a year and a half since he visited the Philippines. Have we allowed him to “contaminate” our lives? And have we adequately spread the “infection” of his contagious kindness and simplicity? Fr. Martin Macasaet, SDB
REFLECTION QUESTION: How has Pope Francis’s visit last year affected your day-today life today?
May I never be blinded by the lures of the world, Lord. Help me to focus on the treasures that will matter in heaven. Amen.

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