Friday, December 4, 2015

How do you think of Jesus when you come to Him? - Daily Reflections December 4,2015

The two blind men addressed Jesus as the Son of David. In the first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, we can see how this is so. Jesus is a descendant of David. And the people knew that the promised Messiah was to come from that lineage. The Messiah was the awaited Deliverer, the One who is to bring Israel to glory and greatness. Hence, when the two men called on Jesus for mercy, they were not just appealing to Him for healing but recognizing His being the great Deliverer of the chosen race as well.
       This brings to mind our Church’s practice of attributing different titles to our Lord. We come to Him as the Good Shepherd leading us to greener pastures. We know He’ll never abandon us but would even risk His own life in searching for us when we go astray.
       We adore Him as the only Son of God revealing to us who our Father is. We know how deep and profound the Father’s love is because He sends His only Son to redeem us and enable us to become partakers of the promised glory, together with all the saints in heaven.
       Here in the Philippines, we know Him as the Nazareno, the suffering Christ whose black image is perpetually etched in the hearts of any downtrodden devotee. So we come close to His image, trusting that such fervor will bring about miracles, healing and conversion.
       We dance the Sinulog, join in the street dancing of the Dinagyang, or simply enthrone the image of the Infant Child, for it is in this youthful image of our God that we find great relevance of His coming-to-be-like-us.
       It was in a a particular frame of thinking that the two blind men thought of Jesus. As the Son of David, they knew that He could and would be a Wonder-Worker to them and would bring them back their sight. And consistent with that thought, Jesus manifested to them just how they wished Him to work in their lives. Fr. Sandy Enhaynes
REFLECTION QUESTION: How do you think of Jesus when you come to Him?
Dear Lord, let me know You some more. Make Your various characteristics become more real to me.

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