Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How do you see the heavenly Father? - Daily Reflections December 1,2015

One of my favorite viral videos on YouTube is that of Aldrich Loyd Talonding’s rendition of Luther Vandross’s “Dance with My Father.” The video was viewed more than a million times since it was uploaded a couple of years back. It gained special attention when Aldrich’s father passed away a few months after the video became viral. In one of Aldrich’s guestings on TV, he mentioned how singing that song made him appreciate and love his father even more, especially when he had gone back to his Creator. Seeing and hearing Aldrich sing that song with much passion, I was almost drawn to say, “Lord, grant him that one last dance with his father.” One cannot help but marvel at their special father-son relationship — something that is cherished more because of death and made more meaningful because of a song.
       Today’s Gospel speaks of a unique kind of relationship between Jesus and His Father. It is a relationship that is not only characterized by mutual love, but by absolute union — He and the Father are one. It is a tremendous claim, something that scandalized the people of Jesus’ time. For them, God cannot be fully known. When Jesus came, however, it was more like God has made Himself known to us through His Son. To see Jesus is to see God. We can now know God by knowing Jesus. “Jesus did not so much tell men about God as show them God, because in Himself were God’s mind and heart” (W.Barclay).
       While the relationship between Jesus and the Father is unique, we are called to assume a kind of relationship with our Father in heaven that is characterized by oneness. This is seen in our deep appreciation of the death of His Son, which brought about salvation, and attuning our minds and hearts with the Father’s desire to meet us all again in His glorious Kingdom in heaven. There we can play the same music as we dance with our Father again. Fr. Sandy Enhaynes
REFLECTION QUESTION: How do you see the heavenly Father?
Teach me to be a good child, dearest Father. Draw me closer to You and Your Son, Jesus.

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