Friday, December 11, 2015

Do you find areas in your life where you act like a spoiled child? - Daily Reflections December 11, 2015

The images that Jesus presents here are just all too familiar. A priest known for his stringent ways is assigned to be a pastor of a parish. Church workers are easily threatened by his imposing presence. They are meted with sanctions and suspensions whenever they fail to measure up to what the parish priest expects them to do. Soon the workers lose interest in serving under his pastorship. “He was just too strict,” people say. Then they leave.
       Another priest takes over the parish. This time he is more lax and lenient. The workers have a grand time. The priest is easy to please and no rules are set to guide those serving the church. Eventually, some found a way to abuse the system. Others were scandalized by their fellow worker’s loose approach to ministry. “The priest is just too good. And most of the people simply abuse his goodness.” So they too left.
       Jesus’s words today express His frustration in the people’s stubborn resistance to God’s initiative to work in their lives. No matter what was presented to them, they found loopholes in it. Something is always not right according to their standards.
       The clear idea here is that when man just refuses to receive the truth, he will think of all possible excuses to avoid listening to it. He would be like one of the spoiled children that Jesus speaks of who would refuse to play no matter what the game is.
       But “wisdom is justified by her deeds,” Jesus closes the discourse. No one can deny how John the Baptist’s way converted a lot of people and brought them to Jesus. People may not have “danced” with Jesus then, but this cannot negate the fact that He was able to offer a new life to people and a new way of reaching their Father in heaven. Fr. Sandy Enhaynes
REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you find areas in your life where you act like a spoiled child?
Make my heart fertile, Lord. Grant me deeper conversion.

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