Sunday, October 18, 2015

What is the focus of your life dreams? Do they have an element of service of others or are they totally focused on you? - Daily Reflections October 18, 2015

Feast of St. Luke, Evangelist
The way the Church is run is very different from a secular company. Yes, there are many things that are similar but in the leadership area, it is very different. Companies look for the go-getter type of person who is highly motivated and aspires to lead — someone who has the drive and gifts to succeed and who will be good for the company. The Church has a different set of criteria, first and foremost of which is service — service that is built upon the the desire to love and care for others. The Church’s focus must be pastoral with an eye for competency in administrative functions. The bottom line for the Church is the pastoral care of souls. It is a discounting factor if a person actively seeks or promotes himself for higher office.
       Jesus makes this quite clear to James and John, two of His disciples seeking higher seats at the table of the banquet of the Lord in heaven. This is not a request that Jesus wants to hear. He wants us to request the gifts of the Spirit that will help us in our pastoral care of the flock. Wealth and fame were given to Solomon because he demonstrated that his first concern was the care of the people of Israel as evidenced in his request for wisdom. Solomon starts off with the right attitude and God rewards him.
       What are we focused on? It is OK to be successful in all that we do, but we must turn our focus beyond ourselves. Jesus never sought to promote Himself, only the Gospel. He always placed the needs of others before His own. Let Jesus inspire you on how to lead. We will find many examples of good leadership in the world, but they will be far easier to find with the grace of God. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: What is the focus of your life dreams? Do they have an element of service of others or are they totally focused on you?
Jesus, help me keep my eyes fixed on Your example so that I may always remember that love and service of others should be my first focus.

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