Friday, October 9, 2015

Do you engage in gossip and enjoy listening to negative talks about others? - Daily Reflections October 9,2015

In my entire life, I experienced exorcism only once. It was a scary experience, even though it was only a mild case of possession. But when I sprinkled holy water on the person and she screamed as if she had been burned, I got really scared. The prayers of those around me and the intense prayers in front of the opened Tabernacle made the evil spirit flee.
       Jesus was a powerful exorcist. That some people attributed His power to the devil was really malicious — and illogical, as Jesus points out: “How could one drive out the devil with the help of the devil?”
       This Gospel passage gives us at least two points to reflect on.
       One is that the devil exists, something even some Catholics deny. Evil is all around us. Of course, the devil does not appear as an ugly figure with horns, as artists have portrayed him. The evil one approaches us in the guise of nice, attractive persons, in attractive advertisements and entertainments. That’s why we have to be very careful. Before, a prayer to St. Michael was recited after every Mass to protect us against the devil. It would be good to ask privately every day this powerful archangel for his protection every day.
       A second point for reflection is the nasty claim that Jesus drove out demons by the power of the prince of demons.
       It is common to make false claims to put a person down. When Pope Francis was elected in 2013, the world rejoiced and he was praised not only by Christians but even by non-Christians. After nine months, he became Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” But those who did not like his simple, humble pastoral approach also began to spread malicious news about him. One claimed the Pope is a Marxist, another that he is a Mason.
       We are also often tempted to tell negative things about others, things that sometimes are not even true. Wouldn’t it be good to make a strong resolution not to listen to negative talks and not talk negative things about others? Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD
REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you engage in gossip and enjoy listening to negative talks about others?
Lord, You experienced how Your good deeds were misinterpreted. I know from experience how painful this is. Help me to let the truth prevail always.

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