Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Do you create “oases” of quietness in this noisy world in order to find God? - Daily Reflections October 6,2015

One of the most misunderstood forms of religious life is the contemplative life. In our overactive world, only a few can understand why a young man or woman would seek God in solitude and prayer.
       St. Bruno belongs to this often misunderstood way of following Christ. Bruno was born in Cologne in 1030. After his ordination, he taught Theology for 25 years in France and became an immensely popular teacher. But this kind of life left him unsatisfied. He refused to become a bishop because he longed for a solitary life of penance and contemplation.
       With some companions, he started a new lifestyle, one that combined solitude and community life. They settled in a deserted, nearly inaccessible place high up in the Alps where they built a chapel and small cells at a little distance from each other. Only for prayer and Mass did they come together. They ate only once a day — alone; only on great liturgical feasts did they eat together. Their main work and source of livelihood was copying manuscripts.
       After six years, one of Bruno’s former students became Pope, Urban II, who ordered him to become his advisor in Rome. Very reluctantly, Bruno obeyed. But soon the Pope realized that his former teacher was unhappy and longed for solitude. And so, Pope Urban allowed him to retire into some wilderness in southern Italy, where he spent his last years. For the second time he had refused to become a bishop. He died on October 6, 1101.
       Only a few have the kind of vocation that St. Bruho had. But even living and working in the world, we could learn from St. Bruno that quietness is important to find God. Our world is very noisy and it is difficult to experience the inner peace only God can give.
       Maybe St. Bruno tells us today to look for oases of quietness in this busy world in order to find God. Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD
REFLECTION QUESTION: Do you create “oases” of quietness in this noisy world in order to find God?
Lord, You often went to the mountains to be alone with God. Help me to follow Your example and that of St. Bruno’s so that I will draw closer to You and listen to Your word attentively.

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