Friday, October 2, 2015

Are you conscious of God’s protection and love? Do you thank God and your guardian angel for so much care? - Daily Reflections October 2,2015

One of the earliest things I remember about my grandmother is her constant reminder to never be afraid of anything because God has given me a guardian angel who protects me day and night. I also remember asking her what a guardian angel is, how he looks like, and whether I can see him. She went to her drawer, opened it and brought out a very old prayer book (later I learned it was from the 19th century). She showed me a black-and-white drawing of a handsome young man with huge wings who held out his arms in a protective manner so that a little girl crossing a narrow bridge would not fall into the raging waters below.
       This simple “catechesis” of my grandmother has helped me a lot when I was a kid because I always felt safe. The only problem was, I longed to see my guardian angel. But this, of course, never happened.
       In later years, when I heard today’s Gospel read in church, I came to know that even Jesus taught what my grandma had told me when I was a small kid. Reading the Bible, I came to know that they are powerful messengers of God. Whenever an angel appeared to somebody, the first thing he said was, “Don’t be afraid.” If he were as cute as the one on the picture in that old prayer book, nobody would be scared, shocked or afraid of seeing an angel. Even the Virgin Mary had to be calmed first when Gabriel visited her! No, angels are not cute little cupids, as we see them often portrayed by artists. Angels reflect a powerful God who loves us, His creatures, and wants to protect us from all evil and harm.
       Today’s feast then reminds us of our heavenly Father, who, as a loving Father, cares for us. He speaks to us through the warning voice of our conscience – which we often ignore. The teaching about the Guardian Angels confirms: God continues to  protect us. The angels are signs and proof of His loving care. Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Are you conscious of God’s protection and love? Do you thank God and your guardian angel for so much care?
Lord, I often forget that without You and Your Fatherly care I would not be able to face the reality of daily life. Let me thank You today for giving me an angel to protect me always.

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