Saturday, September 12, 2015

Who is the center of your life? To whom do you give your allegiance? - Daily Reflections September 12, 2015

Its ironic how nature deals with humanity. I recently visited two areas of the Philippines, one devastated by an earthquake and the other by a typhoon. In the earthquake-stricken areas, the houses made of cement and hollow blocks were the ones mostly destroyed or damaged. In the typhoon-affected areas, the houses made of wood and other naturally light materials have been blown away, while the cement-based houses withstood the high winds with the exception of the roof. What proved durable in the earthquake succumbed to the typhoon, and vice versa. Different situations call for different types of foundations.
       When it comes to our faith, there is only one foundation of our spiritual lives, namely Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only way to salvation; He is the unique mediator for our salvation. All who are saved must pass through Him. The world will offer other alternatives to Jesus, and even many more with Jesus as a fringe participant in them. But they cannot save us. Only Jesus has the power to forgive our sins and draw us to eternal life. We either believe this is true and surrender all to Him, or we do not.
       Each of us has to answer this question to build our spirituality. Let us not be deceived by the empty promises of the many groups who offer a version of salvation without any mention of Jesus. Let us also be careful to discern and reject those who pretend to be in submission to Jesus but are really rooted in another type of spirituality. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and make Him the focus of our lives — and keep it that way until we are reborn into eternal life with Him.
       We will face many options in life. Let us make sure we are not misled by empty promises. Let us embrace the truth that is found only in and through the person of Jesus Christ. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Who is the center of your life? To whom do you give your allegiance? Is your focus on Jesus alone because only He has the power to save you?
Holy Spirit, grant me the wisdom and conviction to build my life with Jesus as my firm foundation.

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