Monday, September 21, 2015

What is keeping you from following God wholeheartedly? - Daily Reflections September 21,2015

Tax collectors have a bad reputation. No one seems to have any kind words for them even if they are only doing their job. We seem to have an attachment to money that leads us to resent those who have been authorized to take some of it from us, even if it is for our own benefit and the benefit of the nation. Tax collectors in the time of Jesus were working for the Roman occupying force and so were particularly despised. Why then would Jesus call one of them to follow Him as His disciple?
       Jesus wants to affirm that no one is excluded from His grace. Everyone, whatever his circumstance in life is, is called to become His disciple. The grace of God can overcome any perceived human problem there might be for someone who wants to follow Jesus. God will forgive any sins we may have committed and allows us to begin anew under His grace.
       We should never doubt the power of God’s grace to transform our lives or the lives of others. In many ways, to doubt the power of God to redeem or transform someone’s life is the unforgiveable sin. We cannot commit a sin that is too big for God’s grace to forgive. There is always hope for redemption if we give Him a chance. We see this time and again in the Gospels and in the lives of the saints. Some of the most unlikely people get called to greatness through the Gospel and they achieve it, not because of their own strength but because they allow God to transform their lives.
       May we never allow doubt to deprive us of our dreams and the dreams of God for us. It is a great shame when someone fails to live out his potential through fear and doubt. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTION: What is keeping you from following God wholeheartedly?
Father, thank You for believing in me. Help me to believe in myself and to never doubt my worth in Your eyes.

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