Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Have you discerned God’s will for your life? Are you putting in enough effort to fulfill it? - Daily Reflections September 22,2015

Ask a number of people to have a priority list of anything and you are almost guaranteed to get a different result from each person. Most of the time, priorities depend on the individual, but when it comes to God’s Kingdom, we need to allow Him to guide the choices we make and keep His priorities uppermost in our minds. After all, He is the author of our salvation. Salvation does not depend on what we can do, but what God has already achieved in and through His Son, Jesus.
       What things are most important to you? Where does God fit in your list of priorities? I hope He is at the top. If not, then it is time to look at them again and see what we need to change. The journey to get our priorities right can be a long and winding one. We should not rush it; otherwise we might make some decisions we will regret later. We should not entertain anything sinful, but sometimes we need to test our dreams before we realize they are not right for us and that God’s will is actually the best option for us.
       In today’s Gospel, we hear of people who prioritize bloodlines in their assessment of importance. Jesus tells them that this is not His priority — what He wants is to see people grasping the will of God and following it. This is simple enough in theory but knowing and understanding God’s will for us is a difficult thing for us to achieve. We need to discover God’s will as it is not only the way to our salvation but also the path to true fulfilment. Only when we are fully convinced of this truth will we be able to reject the temptations of sin, the flesh, the world and the devil. Let us pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit to help us in this task. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Have you discerned God’s will for your life? Are you putting in enough effort to fulfill it?
Father, thank You for Your love. May my experience of Your love illuminate the path that You have planned for me.

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