Monday, July 6, 2015

Where is your life based on — in material riches or in your relationship with God and with the people around you? - Daily Reflections July 6,2015

Jesus restored two lives in today’s Gospel. One was that of a 12-year-old child; the other that of a woman who had bleeding for 12 years, thus making those years unproductive and miserable, and rendering her a living dead. With the child, Jesus healed with His touch. With the woman, Jesus healed by being touched. Both miracles attest to Jesus as the Author of life. Both miracles happened through the faith response of the bleeding woman and the desperate father of the child.
       This was what Jesus meant when He defended Himself and His disciples for not fasting. With Him in our midst, mourning has no place. Since He, the Bridegroom, was with them, fasting was not practiced. His presence as the Messiah was a time of reckoning, healing, conversion and salvation. He presented it best when He showed His authority over life through those two miracles.
       This Gospel message reminds us of life’s non-negotiables and absolutes. On whom or what does our life depend on? Do we base our lives on riches, power or fame? Do we believe only on what the world can offer? Where is God in your life? When and where does the spiritual consideration come in? Is life only for this world and in this lifetime?
       Jesus gives an answer. He is, in fact, the answer. Nobody knows life better than Him. He was there in Creation. He is here to sustain our life with His graces and guidance. And He will be there to welcome us after our life on earth. He is God for all seasons — the Alpha and the Omega.
       Death is a reality. It is part of living. Time will come when we will all face death. But we believe it is not the end of life. Life is too precious to end in destruction. Life continues in the next life. During those moments, we muster our faith and express our need and assurance of life from God. And He shall give it. Our God is the God of the living. He reigns not among the dead but among the living. God rules. Fr. Benny Tuazon
REFLECTION QUESTION: Where is your life based on — in material riches or in your relationship with God and with the people around you?
Dear God, continue to reign in my life. May I never lose sight of You. May I never be blinded by the things of this world.

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