Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where do you see the light of Christ shining in your life? When have you felt enlightened by Christ? - Daily Reflections July 23,2015

If we could see life the way God sees it, what would we see? Did you experience seeing everything clear? This is what called enlightenment. Such an experience is a gift.
       God gives us the grace to see the way He sees. This gift is not only given to a selected few but is shared to all because He loves us equally. Do we accept or reject the gift that is freely given? It is not a question of God’s refusal to give but of our refusal to accept.
       God invites us to open our hearts to the best gift He wants to share with us. He invites us to commune with Him who loved us before we could ever love. This love creates a sense of clarity to everything that happens in our lives. Questions find an answer. For those hearts that can see rightly, they find love as the answer.
       To see the way God sees gives us wisdom to understand. It allows us to see the events in our lives from the perspective of God. In the wounds of our hearts, we could draw wisdom. In the problems we encounter, we could see possibilities.
       When we see life as a failure, we need to open ourselves to see clearly by listening to the Sacred Words of God. In the life of St. Francis of Assisi, after his pilgrimage to open the possibility of peace with a Muslim sultan, and after he experienced rejection from his brothers in the community, he journeyed to solitude. He felt that his life had been a failure. He held on to the cross. While praying, he found himself bleeding from stigmata. He experienced the pain of Jesus’ wounds on the cross. But more than that, he felt his heart expand with love towards everyone. Seeing clearly, he experienced all compassion to the whole creation.
       Let us walk in the light of God. Fr. Alex Balatbat
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Where do you see the light of Christ shining in your life? When have you felt enlightened by Christ?
Lord, allow me to see things the way You see them. Allow me to know the way You know. Allow me to understand the way You understand.

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