Monday, July 20, 2015

How often do you read the Gospels of Jesus? Try to read a little of the Gospels every day - Daily Reflections July 202,2015

We live in a time of great fear. We face lots of painful and fearful questions. Many of us feel helpless or even hopeless. Some choose to cling on to fear of an uncontrolled event in their lives like catastrophe, harassment, poverty or war. Some people see life as filled with evil. For them, to live is to suffer forever. Many things in life make them afraid. They fear loneliness, sickness, pain, getting old, and facing death. Amidst these lies of fear, people seek for a sign of God’s abiding presence. They seek for tangible signs of His goodness. Faith in God is questioned. Is God good to humanity? The conviction that He can and will triumph over all evil is shaken. Our hearts are crying out for signs.
       The Word of God opens our hearts to a new confidence and a new sense of trust. God is always faithful to His promises. He does not only fight our battles. He also lines up the right people, the right breaks, and the right opportunities for us.
       We seek for signs. We beg for miracles. Too much obsession for signs moves us away from God. Too much focus on miracles makes us forget the source of blessing. Never let the abundance of God’s gifts cause us to forget the Giver.
       The sign is already given. He is absolutely present in our midst — loving us, being with us. We look for signs. We set aside the “God with us!” The danger is that signs become our gods.
       His love is always present. Are we present in His love? It is high time to show us a sign that we are present in His love.
       In life, there are reasons to be afraid. But in life, too, there is a God who can consume the sum of our fears. “Be still and know that I am God.” If we live in His love, we do not even need a sign in order to believe in Him. We do not even need a miracle to believe that there is a God who loves us.
       In His presence, everything is grace. Fr. Alex Balatbat
REFLECTION QUESTION: How often do you read the Gospels of Jesus? Try to read a little of the Gospels every day.
Lord Jesus, through Your Words, we are assured of Your abiding presence. Strengthen me to carry on Your Gospel mission of announcing God’s reign of peace and love. Amen.

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