Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do you have a prayer that God hasn’t answered till now? How does it affect your relationship with Him? - Daily Reflections July 7,2015

We have a saying in Filipino that says, “Sala sa init, sala sa lamig.” It is an attitude whereby a person would always contradict and disagree with a situation. It was what Jesus told the Jewish leaders who did not accept John the Baptist, whom they accused of being a demon because he ate and drank nothing. They also criticized Jesus for eating, drinking and socializing with sinners.
       So far, this was the worst allegation Jesus received from the Pharisees. Casting out a demon was not impossible during Jesus’ time, but it definitely needed authority and spiritual prowess to perform such a feat. Because of their negative attitude toward Jesus, they even charged Him of being a demon. The heart can really conspire with the mind in concocting even the wildest idea just to support a conclusion.
       We should always have an open mind, especially in our relationship with God. Things do not always look as they appear. We have to let them unfold. As the saying goes, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Too many times we fail to understand and make a good discernment because we have already formed our opinion. Worse, we commit the mistake of twisting the truth just to hold on to what we had professed from the very beginning. Many times, we think that God does not answer our prayers. We are so focused on what we ask for, when it should be given, and how it must come. When we think our prayers are not answered, we say, “I thought so!” It reveals our attitude towards prayer and God. There was no faith to begin with. We have judged God.
       God is God. We are humans. God is omnipotent. We are limited. Let us always be humble to know and accept this truth. Humility is our first step to opening ourselves to God. When we are open to God, He can fill us with His graceful presence. And when He is present in us, we come to know and experience all His revelations. Fr. Benny Tuazon
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Do you have a prayer that God hasn’t answered till now? How does it affect your relationship with Him?
Grant me a deeper faith, Lord, and a stronger trust in You, that though You do not answer all my prayers, Your love for me is great.

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