Thursday, June 11, 2015

Who are the “vocation directors” who helped you see your calling and mission in life? Thank God for them in your prayer time today - Daily Reflections June 11,2015

I had always expressed my desire to be a priest, but I never thought that one can be a priest in two ways — by serving in a parish (diocesan priesthood) or by becoming a priest in a religious congregation. Further, I never knew what differentiated religious congregations. I am forever thankful to the late Fr. Nory Vasquez, long-time vocation director of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers and Brothers at Sta. Cruz Church in Manila. He told me that since I started a course in A.B. Journalism at U.P. Diliman, and I seemed to have the aptitude for writing, it would be best for me to discern a priestly vocation with the Society of St. Paul, a congregation of priest and brothers dedicated to the spread of the Gospel in the world of communications.
       St. Barnabas, whom we commemorate today, might as well be regarded as a “first vocation director” in the early Church. Barnabas was gifted with a generous spirit, and he first came to be known as a Levite who lived in Cyprus. He sold his field and gave the money to the Apostles (Acts 4:36- 37). True to his name, which means “son of encouragement,” he built up Paul’s vocation as an Apostle, and introduced Paul to the Apostles in Jerusalem (Acts 9:27). He was sent by the Apostles from Jerusalem to guide the fledgling community of Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:22). He then revived Paul’s vocation as a teacher of the Gentile Christians (Acts 11:25), and he accompanied Paul in his first mission journey (Acts 13:2). Later, differences over the issue of John (also called Mark) joining the mission made Barnabas discern and decide that it was time to simply let Paul go on with his own mission plans (Acts 15:38).
       As good vocation directors ought to do, St. Barnabas allowed the Apostle Paul to follow God’s calling for himself. Barnabas never stifled the Spirit’s work in Paul. Paul eventually surpassed Barnabas in missionary reputation, though both of them shared the life of holiness. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Who are the “vocation directors” who helped you see your calling and mission in life? Thank God for them in your prayer time today. Are you comfortable in co-discerning with others their own vocation and mission?
Lord, may You bless the people who led me closer to You and the call You’ve given me.

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