Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What Gospel image of Jesus helps you to be forgiving? Why? Try to meditate on this Gospel image more often - Daily Reflections June 16,2015

I love our Classical Philosophy class with the late Fr. Josefino Javellana. He led us to critical thinking to the point that we had to be very discerning about our choice of words. He made us realize that words — even synonyms — have shades of meanings and nuances. For example, there are differences between the meaning of existing, living and being. To exist is simply to be there, to live is to undergo the processes of life, to be is to attain one’s purpose and meaning in life. I began to believe that one problem of today’s generation is this loss of critical thought. It is not merely being pilosopo (argumentative) about everything. It leads us to reflect.
       The difficulty to love in the Christian way, for instance, may be caused by a mistaken notion that to love is the same as to like. They have similarities, but they have shades of differences, too.
       “Like” is more properly for inanimate things; “love” is for living things.
       “Like” is based on benefits of pleasure or satisfaction that one derives from an object of liking; “love” is based on deeper, transcendent reasons, or can even be unexplainable and unconditional.
       “Like” aims to grasp, and to possess the object of liking; “love” beholds the other.
       “Like” is often an expression of something physical, material and sensual; “love” is spiritual.
       This basic philosophical distinction of “love” and “like” can contribute a lot to our understanding of Jesus’ words today: “Love your enemies.” Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: What makes persons easily “likeable” for you? What makes people highly “unlovable” for you? Reevaluate and pray over your list. What Gospel image of Jesus helps you to be forgiving? Why? Try to meditate on this Gospel image more often.
Help me to be more discerning, Lord, and to live a life of love for Your sake.

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