Thursday, June 18, 2015

What favorite and personal address do you use for God? - Daily Reflections June 18,2015

There are so many stories about St. John XXIII, the “Good Pope,” who was the first to break the long tradition of having the Popes live like “prisoners” of the Vatican protocol. The “Good Pope John,” as he was fondly called, also started receiving dignitaries more often in audience. One time, he had to receive then First Lady of the United States, Madame Jacqueline Kennedy. The Pope practiced how he ought to address her formally, but when the door opened for the audience, the jolly old St. John XXIII simply  blurted: “Jackie!”
       The Jews loved to show their great reverence for God by avoiding to pronounce His solemn name, the name He revealed to Moses in the burning bush. They use such titles as “Elohim,” “Adonai,” “El Elyon,” etc. Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel: Stay simple, be conversational, be spontaneous. Just say: Father... Abba... Daddy. Then enumerate what you need:
       “Hallowed be Thy name” = Do great things for us today; reveal Your true Fatherhood.
       “Thy kingdom come” = Be with us, be present among us.
       “Thy will be done” = Give us Your guidance; tell us what You want.
       “Give us this day our daily bread” = Provide for us as any good father does. We expect from You all that we need today.
       “Forgive us our debts” = We are not perfect children, but You are our Father. Understand and forgive us.
      “Lead us not into temptation” = We trust in You. A father wants nothing wrong for any of his children.
       “Deliver us from evil.” = Be our protection and refuge.
       I feel sad when people say the “Our Father” as a formula. It is reduced to another rigid, artificial and impersonal way of talking with God. The “Our Father” is a guide to construct our personal conversation with God. Fr. Domie Guzman SSP
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: What favorite and personal address do you use for God? How did you come to this way of addressing Him? What is your best time and your best place to pray with spontaneity to God?
Abba, Father, reveal Yourself more deeply to me.

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