Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How do you want to be known in line with your life contribution to the work of building the Faith and the Church? - Daily Reflections June 10,2015

The foundress of the Assumption Sisters, St. Marie Eugenie, once said, “We bring our lives as stones to be placed on top of others’ stones to continue building the story of faith.” Her words are prophetic and they echo Jesus’ words today: “I have come not to abolish... But to fulfill...”
         The task of fulfilling God’s designs in the world and of building the Kingdom of God amidst humanity started with the patriarchs, the prophets, the kings and the priests. Jesus and the early Church brought a definitive character to this divine plan. But we continue to realize Jesus’ mission through our lives until the “new heaven and new earth” arrives according to God’s Plan (cf. Revelations 21:1-2).
       I regard the colorful and interesting history of the ministries of the modern popes in this light. Pope Leo XIII began to bridge the gap between the Gospel and new social realities with his initiatives about the social teachings of the Church. St. John XXIII, though elected in old age, brought renewal to the Church and the Gospel message by convening Vatican Council II. Pope Paul VI oversaw the conclusion and application of the renewal called for by Vatican Council II. He also brought the Christian faith closer to many nations by being the first pope to visit nations. The short papacy of the smiling Pope John Paul I brought the Gospel closer to the hearts of many by his spontaneous ways. St. John Paul II showed how the Gospel and the Church can be a strong persuasive force to tear down godless and oppressive ideologies and political systems. Pope Benedict XVI began to relate the Gospel values to post-modern times, and he showed how the papacy can continue to be a radical witness to the Gospel value of authority as truly a service. Pope Francis is now making the Church see how the Gospel values of simplicity and love of the poor are very much alive and applicable even in high places. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: What are you doing to continue Jesus’ mission of fulfilling God’s plan of salvation? How can your life be a “living stone?” How do you want to be known in line with your life contribution to the work of building the Faith and the Church? Let me be another stone,
O Lord, that will build the Kingdom that has no end.

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