Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Are you true to your important role as “nourisher” of faith in others? What do you do along this line? -Daily Reflections June 9,2015

I write this reflection in the midst of a surprise visit to our Pauline sisters in Pakistan. I had been here in January 1993, when the Italian pioneers of the Daughters of St. Paul asked me to preach a retreat to three novices preparing for their first profession of religious vows. These three were their first vocation after almost 10 years of not having novices. Now, I can only thank God for how the community has grown in the number of young Pakistani sisters.
       The Rawalpindi community house and book shop of the sisters is their newest foundation. They had been coming to  Rawalpindi every year for a six-month mission with their books and religious articles, from their house in Lahore, a good four-hour journey away. The bishop and the Christian community in Rawalpindi told the sisters to put up their permanent presence and media apostolate. The community in Rawalpindi need them, as “salt” and “light” to respond to and to sustain the faith in this city that is closest to the capital of the nation. A big challenge then for the sisters who had to contend with limited members and resources to deploy.
       Salt and light — elements that Jesus used to compare to Christians — need not be plenty. The important thing is their presence. They are elements needed to have a basic life. Imagine how daily human life will be in a world without salt and light. Another thing is their consistency and faithfulness: Though not plenty, salt serves its purpose by its consistent saltiness, and light serves its purpose by its shining forth. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Have you appreciated your unique contribution to the faith-life of your family, friends, Church community and workplace? Are you true to your important role as “nourisher” of faith in others? What do you do along this line?
Show me the ways that I can be true salt and light in the places and people around me, Lord.

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