Monday, June 1, 2015

Are you a real-life renter? How do you practice Christian justice in this aspect of your life? - Daily Reflections June 1,2015

Nowadays, owning apartments and making a living out of rentals and leases can be a great challenge. While there are those who are conscientious with their obligations and limitations, some abuse their rights and privileges. There may even be tenants who would try to grab the property and would hide under all possible loopholes of the law. In such problematic situations, the owner may have to go  through a dragging and expensive lawsuit to assert his rights and claims.
       Before God and His manifold goodness, Jesus warns us that we can actually behave like the renters whom we readily condemn for being arrogant and abusive. We may forget that all we have are just ours because of God’s mercy and entrustment. The following can be dangerous symptoms of our “forgetfulness” of being tenants and stewards:
       Having No Time for God = Not finding time to look up to God, who gives us each breath and each day to enjoy what we have, is a danger sign of a disoriented attitude to life.
       Uncaring for the Needy = The person, in this case, forgets that we are but channels of blessings for others.
       Neglecting Proper Rest = Money, achievements and power become too important that one is even willing to sacrifice personal health and self for these new forms of idolatry.
       Setting Aside Family and Personal Relations = The person who has this attitude surely forgets the simple rule of peace and happiness — that these are not found in things but in person-to-person relationships.
       There is nothing wrong with enjoying our earthly life, for this life is God’s first creation for humans (cf Genesis 1). Constantly, though, we have to examine our level of attachment. Life and time are free. But they are not ours. Tenants and renters, we all are. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Are you a real-life renter? How do you practice Christian justice in this aspect of your life? How do you make returns for all that the Good Lord has given you? Do you practice tithing faithfully?
Thank You, Lord, for all Your gifts and blessings. Enable me to spend my life well for Your glory.

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