Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let us be inspired by the joy of Philip Neri. Are you a joyful servant of the Lord? - Daily Reflections May 26,2015

The saint whom we celebrate today lived out these words that we hear from the lips of Peter in today’s Gospel: “We have left everything and followed you.” Philip Neri is noted as the “Second Apostle of Rome.” He ministered to many, from beggars to popes, in the ancient city of Rome. St. Philip had a vision of a globe entering his mouth that caused a physical affliction in his heart; his heart was inflamed and enlarged — with the love of God. He was known to suffer an aneurysm.
       Throughout generations, men and women have heard the call of the Lord to leave everything and follow Him. They usually end up in convents, monasteries and other religious institutions. The call is that of a religious. Nevertheless, even some people have followed the call of the Lord in the state of lay celibacy. Many have been inspired by Peter’s words to give up everything and follow the Lord. The Lord rewards these people —with many houses, brothers, sisters and land — not without the cost of persecutions, that is, misunderstandings, criticisms and other tests of faith.
       From a noble and well-protected life, Philip gave up everything and lived in poverty. He sold his many books from a life of scholarly study and went out into the streets to convert and teach many men and women through catechesis, confession and the founding of two congregations. His joyful humor yet frankness in directing souls was a great attribute to his character of leading many to faith in God. The love of Christ was his inspiration and motive to leave everything for the sake of the Gospel. St. Philip was completely confident in the Lord to act within hearts that are open to grace. Similar to the mysticism of St. Teresa of Avila, Philip empowered his incredible ministry to literally thousands because of his prayerfulness. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTION: Let us be inspired by the joy of Philip Neri. Are you a joyful servant of the Lord?
Lord, teach us the way of joy. Help us to be joyful and untiring in love and service of Your Kingdom. Amen.

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