Sunday, May 10, 2015

How can you be a joyful person? - Daily Reflections May 10,2015

Joy is one of the fruits of the meditation on the resurrection of Jesus. We are now closer to the joy of Pentecost. Next week’s liturgy focuses on the ascension of the Lord. The context of this Gospel reading is that of the Upper Room. The disciples are saddened that the Master is about to depart, to be taken away from them, yet Jesus invites them to rejoice. Loving Jesus is pure joy. How many times have you seen people bursting with joy because of their relationship with Jesus? These people are contagious; they spread Christ’s joy to all. Often these people have been through great trials, pain and suffering. They have experienced redemption and salvation firsthand by having met the Lord of their joy in pain and isolation. Jesus wants us to be joyful. St. Paul states the same message: Rejoice in the Lord always.
         Joy does not come easily; it is usually born of suffering and great pain. It didn’t come easy with Jesus. It came at a cost — the cost of His life on the cross. The fruit of the Spirit is joy. Living a life of love in the Lord will produce this fruit. One of the fruits of those who encountered the Risen Jesus is joy. Look at Peter, Mary Magdalene, the Beloved Disciple, and Mary the mother of Jesus.
         Let us be people of joy. We need to pray for that grace. Gandhi, the well-known Indian political and spiritual leader, was interested in Christianity if it weren’t for the Christians: “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
         We should be a witness of love and joy to the world, in imitation of the Master. But often people only see violence, criticism and hypocrisy in the lives of Christians. Jesus wants our lives to be filled with selfless interest and openness to service of others, especially the poorest of the poor. That is where we will find joy. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTION: How can you be a joyful person?
Father, fill me with the joy of the Risen Christ and my life will be complete. Amen

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