Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ask the Lord to reveal the cloak that is wrapped around you - Daily Reflections May 28,2015

Can you imagine the joy of Bartimaeus that day he received his sight? We do not know how long he had been blind, but we can guess for how many years he sat at the roadside begging for alms just to get him through the day. Bartimaeus was one of those left on the side of the road. Some days he may have been lucky. At other times, he must have wanted to curl up and die. His life as a desperate beggar changed the day he met Jesus. Bartimaeus boldly called out to Jesus. In fact, when he was scolded, the more loudly he shouted. The cry of the poor reached the ears of Jesus and He was quick to respond, “Call him here.” Bartimaeus now finds himself in front of the Savior of all humanity. Face to face, he makes his request to the Lord: “Let me see again.” Is it not obvious that is what he wants?
       The Lord desires us to state the obvious. In all your needs and desires that you ask of the Lord, learn from Bartimaeus — be specific even if it means stating the obvious: Let me see.
       Bartimaeus made the first step in gaining sight. He has thrown away his cloak. This is a great act of trust in Jesus. For a long time the cloak was a sign of his security and comfort, then he throws it all away, depending and trusting in the kindness of the Savior.
       We also need to throw off our cloaks so as to return to the Lord. What things enfold you that manifest darkness and oppression? Once the cloak of sin is thrown away, we begin to see. Many will want you hushed and reduced to silence. However, be inspired by Bartimaeus who cried out the louder.
       Jesus always hears the cry of the poor. Be confident in the security the Lord offers you. What things bind you to the roadside? What cloaks do you wear to hide yourself from the pain within? The request of Bartimaeus is the deepest cry of our heart — to see the Lord. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTION: Ask the Lord to reveal the cloak that is wrapped around you.
Lord, let me see again. Amen.

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