Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Are you willing to serve others as Jesus has served you by laying down His life for you? - Daily Reflections May 27,2015

In a culture where status is of utmost importance, the disciples jostle for high positions and status. Jesus is very quick to admonish His followers against getting involved in high positions. He reminds them that they should remain low-key while serving the Kingdom of God. For Mark, the messianic secret is a common theme in the Gospel. Jesus is quick to correct their views of Himself as Messiah, as His messiahship will be different from the political understanding they are used to.
      Among us, there is also that jostling for positions. We see it manifested in our actions and in the actions of others. It is also obvious in the Church circle at times. Everyone wants to be noticed and addressed in special roles.
       The follower of Jesus is not after positions of glory. These positions of glory and fame belong to the rich and famous. Jesus confirms the disciples in the mission — they will suffer and drink the cup, they will be tested and baptized in the trials and persecutions of being a Christian. In these things they will not be spared. Notice how the two Apostles — James and John — begin an argument among the others. Such is their mentality on the status of each other. They just do not get it!
       Are you a person who jostles for position? Are you one who craves for others to see how important you are? There is no need for this — we are all unique in the eyes of God. To the extent that we celebrate our uniqueness will be the extent that we are comfortable with ourselves and less likely to fall into jealousy, resentment, backstabbing and the other evils associated with pride.
       Jesus asks us the same question today: “What do you want Me to do for you?” Let us understand, like James and John, the fishermen, that we are in a privileged position to be disciples of Jesus. He has called us to Himself. We are unworthy of such a calling yet we submit to the Lord in humble obedience and love — for the glory of God and His kingdom. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTION: Are you willing to serve others as Jesus has served you by laying down His life for you?
Lord, forgive us our sins of pride and our tendency to always seek to be the center of attention. Amen.

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