Saturday, May 23, 2015

Are you a disciple of Jesus? Or are you one who follows the crowd? - Daily Reflections May 23,2015

I remember how, in the novitiate, where everyone is fresh and starting out in the religious life, there seems to be some competition between confreres. Each goes out of his way to please the Superior, taking the “holier than thou” approach. It is probably not intentional but it is there. One spends more time in the chapel; another is busily engaging in charity works; another seems so competent in living the newfound life as a religious. Yet one thing that strikes me is the atmosphere of comparison. I wonder if Peter had this in mind when he asked Jesus: “What about him?”
       The question of Peter is directed to the beloved disciple who happens to appear in the scene of the Gospel. He is the “ideal disciple,” following the Lord and loving Him. We often see him linked with Peter in various Gospel stories. It was this disciple who ran with Peter to check out the strange sight of the empty tomb. Often we look at others and begin to judge: What about him or her? Look at their life! They seem so holy! They seem so perfect! They never sin! We compare.
       Jesus’ response to Peter is the same for us: Follow Me! In other words, Jesus is telling us: Do not worry about others’ progress in following Me.
       Your call is to follow Jesus. Beware of comparison. Each of us is called to be a disciple of Jesus in whatever situation we are in. As long as we all follow the Lord in the best way we can, what does it matter?
       Are you a person who often compares yourself with others? Usually this is a sign of insecurity. We need to believe that Jesus has called us as His own and each one is unique and individual in our response to the Lord. How boring it would be if we were all the same — robots following the Lord. The decision to follow the Lord should be made in freedom and love. Fr. Brian Steele, MGL
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Are you a disciple of Jesus? Or are you one who follows the crowd?
Lord, I thank You for calling me to be Your disciple. Give me the grace to follow You. Amen.

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