Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How good are you at listening? - Daily Reflections April 14, 2015

The prayer over the offerings today asks God for the grace to “always find delight in the paschal mysteries.” As a sincere seeker and assiduous listener, Nicodemus was all ears that night he came to Jesus with his questions. No doubt, he was a secret admirer of the Lord, the doer of signs that could not have been done if He were not from God.
     But Nicodemus hesitated. He came at night. Like many of us who worry a lot about what people might say or think, he avoided the curious crowds. He did his search discreetly. He was a quiet but an active searcher, also an avid listener.
       I am active in social media, especially Facebook, where I do my own brand of evangelization. Often, I see people who give comments to posts and links that they have not even read. Apparently, the rule now is “shoot first; ask questions later.” Some people even get pretty worked up after reading the title of articles carried by satirical sites that provide subtle commentary to current events. Many react without first reading; they talk without first hearing; and they give a piece of their minds without first listening.
       I admire Nicodemus. A man of means, he made use of his resources to help. Together with Joseph of Arimathea, he made it possible for the crucified Lord to get a decent burial. A learned man in search of the truth,  he came forward, he asked, and he listened. Today’s Gospel passage shows that he most likely found delight in the mysteries he listened to.
       Today, one keeps silent not to listen but to think about what to say next to convince the other. Monologues like these are boring. Dialogues, in contrast, are engaging. In a dialogue, one listens twice as much as one speaks. One listens with the heart, like Nicodemus did. He listened intently and found delight in the words of the Lord. Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB
REFLECTION QUESTION: How good are you at listening?
Grant me a listening heart, Lord, that I may hear You well in my life.

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