Thursday, April 16, 2015

How easy or hard is it for you to obey man-made laws? How about God-ordained laws? - Daily Reflections April 16,2015

Nowadays, obedience is not easy to come by. We have laws, but it seems nobody wants to follow them. Only small-time taxpayers whose taxes are already deducted from their payslips seem to pay taxes religiously.
       People cut corners, turn two-lane roads into five lanes, and create bottlenecks everywhere. Sidewalks have become stalls, stores, extension gardens and repositories of junked vehicles.
       Obedience to laws for the sake of the common good is a tough nut to crack. One needs political will, tenacity of purpose, and clarity of vision. One does not obey because something is mandated. Something is mandated because there is a value attached to it — a value that goes beyond mere personal benefit or convenience, but has to do with the common good, and more besides, like spiritual goods.
       Today, Peter and the Apostles disobeyed the orders of the authorities. The powers-that-be were rattled as the small ragtag group of preachers filled Jerusalem with [their] teaching.” Now, that’s what you call zealous preaching! I know of some preachers who could easily preach for an hour but, of course, length does not translate to powerful and substantial, especially if all one does is to sing a few songs to force-fit to the readings.
       Because of their disobedience, the Apostles were made to stand before the Sanhedrin. They were placed under duress and threatened. But heroes and holy men are not only bold and courageous. They also have clarity of vision. They knew who, ultimately, was their Boss, to whom alone obedience is due.
       Peter and the Apostles knew whom to obey. In the face of conflicting values, they chose wisely and did rightly. They obeyed God rather than men. Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: How easy or hard is it for you to obey man-made laws? How about God-ordained laws?
I pray for the grace of obedience to You, Lord, so that I may reap the rewards of eternal life.

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