Saturday, April 4, 2015

Amidst your suffering, have there been times when you worry and ask where it all leads to? - Daily Reflections April 5,2015

Mary Magdalene had an errand to do that morning after. She rose early but she wasn’t the first to go there. Someone else arrived before she got there as predicted, as promised, as claimed — way before that glorious morning.
       The women were a little worried. The big stone that covered the entrance to the tomb was no match for their feeble strength. “Who will roll back the stone for us?” they asked. Who can blame them for feeling helpless after seeing the tragic events involving their Master and Teacher, who died a cruel death just before the Sabbath?
       I, too, felt helpless at the sight of so many tragedies befalling our country, like the super typhoon more than a year and a half ago, followed by a wildfire in Samar that destroyed what little the typhoon left standing.
       It was nightfall when the disciples and the women beheld from a distance the ignominious suffering and death of the Lord. It is nightfall, too, for people who see the “fell of dark, not day.” Many of us are steeped in different kinds of suffering — the sick, the dying, the poor and the powerless.
        These are times when we are tempted to ask ourselves: “Who will roll away the stone for us?” Who can we turn to for help? An old song says: “There’s got to be a morning after.”
        In faith we now declare with these women: Indeed, there is a morning after! From the long night of waiting and uncertainty, here comes a bright morning of hope and unequalled glory. Christ is risen! Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB
REFLECTION QUESTION: Amidst your suffering, have there been times when you worry and ask where it all leads to?
Grant me the grace, Lord, to see beyond the pain and the suffering. Help me to hope in the victory that awaits me — for as long as I hold on to You in faith.

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