Friday, June 28, 2013

Daily Reflections - June 28,2013


Words are really powerful beyond belief. Schools have mottos, and people have their own favorite aphorisms, sayings, or watchwords. Letran has “Arriba,” which roughly means “go up higher,” while La Salle has “Animo,” which is an exhortation to boost up that undefined “spirit” of courage and grit. We in Don Bosco have our own “Forza,” which also meant to boost up the spirit of courage and collective strength. Words tend to become reality and, as someone said, if you think you are lousy, then you are probably right!
       A leper suddenly comes to accost the Lord. Is he being cheeky or pushy? Neither. He knows what he wants, knows his place, and knows with certainty that the One he is asking a big favor from is capable of granting him his request.
       What do you think would one who does not believe do? Isn’t this obvious? He simply won’t draw near, ask, or even bother. If one thinks he cannot be helped, then he is probably right.
       Our faith is confronted daily with so many seeming impossibilities. Like we reflected on yesterday, even Christian faith and systematic theology seem incapable of overhauling the firmly entrenched culture of sin, death and destruction in our society.
       For all his apparent cheekiness and cocksure certainty, the leper really teaches us a lesson. He shows us what claiming something in faith and prayer is all about. “You can cure me, if you will it, Lord.” He uttered that prayer with the confidence of a child sure of a parent’s care and concern, and with the certainty of an adult who simply knows, deep in his heart, that what one asks will be given.
       We live in a world permeated by doubt. The leper shows us that words of faith are powerful. “Heal me, for I know you can.” Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB
REFLECTION QUESTIONS: Do your words reflect your faith? Do they build up, and not tear down?
Help me to always believe that Your words, Lord, are more powerful than all the voices I hear in the world.

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